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If you have been seriously injured while riding a bike, it is important that you speak to our experienced St. Petersburg bicycle accident attorneys as soon as possible.

It is often a convenient form of transportation to use your bicycle to get around. It’s good for the environment, your health, and often times your wallet as well. What you are probably already aware of are the hazards that come with riding your bike. The roads aren’t easily shareable with cars and bikes and it can lead to some pretty horrific events. If you have been seriously injured in a bike accident, you’re probably feeling scared and frustrated. If you’re missing time from work and you have a lot of medical bills, then the frustration is probably amplified. We are here to guide you through your bike accident claim every step of the way. One of our St. Petersburg bicycle accident attorneys would be glad to set up a free consultation to go over your case with you. Please read and learn a bit about your case, then give us a call.

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How to Win the Most Compensation

Florida Bike Accident AttorneyLuckily for some people, in Florida, you can receive compensation for your injuries even if you are deemed to be mostly at fault for causing the accident. You could have swerved into the road and gotten hit and still receive an award. The downside with this is that it is not without consequence. If you share any fault, you will have a reduced award. For example, if you were to be deemed as 10% at fault for causing the accident, you will have to have your award reduced be 10%. Let’s say you were awarded $10,000. You would be able to collect $9,000. If you are deemed 100% at fault for causing the accident, then you will be barred from receiving compensation. Our goal is to prevent you from being blamed for causing the accident.

Not Talking to the Insurance Company

The people who will try to blame you for the accident include the liable party and the insurance company that represents them. The insurance company will reach out to you shortly after the accident and ask you to give them a recorded statement. It is in your best interest not to give them one. You should let your attorney take over all communications. If you were to talk to them, they would be asking you all of these weighted questions that would give you no option but to answer unfavorable. They will take advantage of the fact that you are probably still recovering from these injuries and they will do whatever they can to reduce what they owe you or be able to throw away their case.

One of the biggest mistakes would be to take an insurance compensation check before determining the full extent of your damages. Our St. Petersburg bicycle accident attorneys will make sure that you get the facts before you accept a check:

  • Assessing the situation: We check the circumstances of your case to analyze all possible angles before we step into the courtroom. Illustrating fault is essential to winning cases.
  • Proving negligence: Our attorneys prove that you are a victim based on negligence of the liable party.
  • Demanding compensation: We have experience dealing with insurance companies and know that their first offer is never their best. We argue for the damages you deserve.

Our St. Petersburg bicycle accident attorneys are invested in the outcome of your case. We are proud to be reputable winners and will make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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What to Do After the Accident

Seeking medical attention is going to be the most important thing that you do. The injuries that you suffer from an accident like this can be severe. They include traumatic brain injury, broken bones, spinal cord damage and more. Immediately after the collision, if you are conscious, you may have a ton of adrenaline that will mask the pain you will most certainly feel when it wears off. Don’t use that as a reason not to see the doctor.

At the scene, if you are able to wait for the police to show up, there are a few steps you might want to take to get evidence. You can talk to witnesses and get their contact information, get insurance information from the driver involved in your accident, and take photos of everything on the scene that seems relevant. It is also very important that you do not say it was your fault to anyone no matter if you think you caused it or not. You might be wrong. If you are unable to stay on the scene or your were taken away on an ambulance, you can have a friend or family member come collect evidence for you. You may also consider hiring an attorney right away who can step on the scene for you and collect the evidence.

How Long You Have to File a Claim

If you want to ensure that your case is going to have the best possible chance of success, you need to make sure that you get everything done on time. Florida law states that you need to have filed your claim or settled it in civil court within four years from the date of your bike accident. That means if you wait four years and a day to try to file a claim, you will be barred from receiving compensation altogether. You’ll want to ask quick after your accident so that you don’t risk losing precious evidence and witness statements. The sooner you get an attorney, the better off you will be.

The St. Petersburg bicycle accident attorneys of Salter, Healy, Rivera are board certified trial lawyers, meaning that if court appearances are necessary for your case, we have the skills to fight on your behalf and achieve effective results. Because we understand that every case is unique and important to the people involved, we strive to provide you with the personal attention we believe you deserve as the victim of a bicycle accident.

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We focus on a number of issues that concern victims of bike accidents and argue your case based on these factors:

  • Liability of parties involved
  • Insurance compensation offerings
  • Determination of fault
  • Identification of distracted driving

Our attorneys have a reputation for successfully litigating accident & injury cases. We stand up to insurance companies on your behalf while you concentrate on getting back on your feet after an accident.

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