“Rob took the time to explain the process and my options. Madelyn kept me informed every step of the way and stayed in constant contact with me. Rob also took the time to answer other questions I had not related to this situation”

Joann Godin

From the 1st day meeting with Daniella Rivera until the case was closed, the quality of workmanship was incredible. I applaud the values of Salter, Healy, Rivera.

James Rowson

I have a car accident and after 3 days the driver hit me he do not reporting the accident I contact mr Salter and the next day the insurance company contacted me to schedule the repair of my car and the medical injury. All this happen after Mr Salter take my case in less of 24 hrs. After all the process the insurance company pay all the cost of repairing my car and the medical bills. Thank you Mr Salter you and your team are very professional.

Carlos Arriola

(Translated by Google) Excellent work dedication and very good treatment and excellent result

(Original) Excelente trabajo dedicación y muy buen trato y excelente resultado

Calixto Tobar

As a retired veteran with preexisting injuries, I was concerned about my car accident case (hit and run) as I had sustained significant new injuries until I talked to Mr. Salter who assured me he had experience working similar cases, with military clients, and navigating and differentiating preexisting and new injuries. Mr. Salter is extremely professional, compassionate, and direct; he expertly humanizes legal subject matter, and has an advanced level of understanding legalities of insurance company’s processes and how they work. I was highly impressed with his staff, specifically (LeeAnn Backer), who took absolute life-cycle ownership of my case providing phenomenal customer service and compassion, communication, coordination with one of the best Orthopedic Surgeon’s in the area, and follow up. Throughout the litigation of my case, Mr. Salter provided invaluable face-to-face deposition coaching and LeeAnn explained things crystal clear until I got them.

Thank you S.H.R. Law Firm. Mr. Salter and LeeAnn exceeded my expectations! My case was reconciled flawlessly and expeditiously and I received my max settlement. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone looking for a highly effective trial attorney!

Ric Smart

I have had the pleasure of working with Dane Heptner and am beyond grateful for his guidance, professionalism and integrity. I highly recommend his services.

Jennifer Morrison

Excellent lawyer who takes care of his clients.

Sole Practitioner (Peer Review)

Alternative Dispute Resolution. Brad is a top tier, aggressive & successful plaintiff’s B.I. attorney & I highly recommend him!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with attorney Daniella Rivera for years. She has a strong work ethic and gets results for her clients. We’ve shared many files through the years, and patients are always pleased with her response time and get-it-done attitude. Highly recommend! She will fight for you!

Sole Practitioner (Peer Review)

My first contact over the phone was surprising. He listened to what were my medical problems and future treatment and outlook. Both Mr Salter and his staff are knowledgeable in the law profession but they are caring and empathetic. He helped me to get a second opinion from one of the best Orthopedic Surgeon’s in the area; Dr Thomas Tolli. When my prior Dr had said I was not a surgery candidate and would have to do long term pain management. That second opinion changed my life.

If ever my family or friends need a great attorney, I am referring them to Brad Salter! He and his staff are just honesty Caro,g people that want to help you through a difficult and confusing time. Oh, and the settlement I received was more than I thought possible! He was even able to work down medical bills!


I had the pleasure of working with Daniella who was my personal injury lawyer. She stayed with me along the way and explained things to me for easier understanding. She meeted my expectations and goes above and beyond for her clients. I highly recommend Daniella Rivera for your personal Injury Lawyer. Her knowledge and expertise in personal injury protection goes a long way! Thank you.

Tammy Carrier

Mr. Salter was friendly and came out to our home rather than having to go to his office. LeeAnn handled the rest of our case and did an awesome job! She was super friendly and kept us updated along the way. Any questions we had she answered and always responded quickly and for that I thank her even more! Especially for fighting for our case and not just taking the insurance company’s first offer. I would definitely recommend her and this firm to anyone looking for representation! Thanks again!

Em Em

Daniella Rivera, worked very close with me as she does with all her clients. She meeted my expectations and goes above goes above and beyond to explain every little detail that you don’t understand. about court cases and settlements. I highly recommend Daniella Rivera for your personal Injury Lawyer. Her knowledge and her expertise is above a 5 start rating!

Client Review

Salter, Healy, LLC has changed my life to better than it was before the accident. The jury verdict was vindicating , siding with me. The award (Huge) from the jury was more than what I expected possible to receive. Salter, Healy, LLC has made what seemed impossible, possible. They never gave up fighting for me. I still can’t believe the money and time they spent on fighting for me, it was a lot. Who does that for someone? Family, that’s exactly what Salter, Healy, LLC has become Family.


I retained Mr. Brad Salter July, 2012 due to an automobile accident where I sustained injuries. I was also blamed 80% negligent even though the accident was caused by the other party. Brad just from taking my statement was confident that we would have a strong case and he would be able to help me. This was a long process as it took almost 5 years, but Brad always stayed in contact to let me know how things were going and where we were at in the process. I was very impressed with his performance during my trial. Brad is very professional, very straight-forward and at times blunt which is needed in certain types of situations. Brad put a lot of work in to my case and for that reason we were able to win my case. I would highly recommend Brad Salter to anyone going through what I went through. Brad’s staff is also very friendly and professional. This is an awesome firm and it was the best decision I could have made to go with Brad Salter.


I highly recommend Daniella riveria!! Best attorney I’ve ever had. She was quick, polite, respectful, on time, I can’t complain!! I will be referring ppl to you guys and will always keep y’all in mind! Thank again Daniella!!!!

Jamie Camacho

I am so thankful for this team of outstanding lawyers. My case was the first of it’s kind for this firm and Daniella Riviera reconciled it flawlessly. Thank you for the amazing hard work and dedication to see the my case through to the end.

David Biglow

I have to say, I was extremely pleased with Mr. Salters and his firm. From the beginning I was treated like family. They kept me informed of everything and all that was happening. I must say Mr Salter if very caring of his clients and their family. After a back and forth and with his persistance he got me a substantial settlement.

Client Review

Stand up organization who go 100% for their clients We can’t thank them enough for their support.

Beverly R.

My attorney was Daniella and Madelyn helped on my case. These ladies are phenomenal at what they do, I could go on for days about how hard they worked on my case. I was also able to get the care I needed to recoperate. They were in contact with me every step of the way. When everything closed they made sure I walked away with way more than I could have every imagined. They have continued to check up on me, even offered to give me advise on people I could talk to about how toi my settlement. They have truly made me feel like family forever grateful to them!!

Amber Morrison

Brad took my Personal Injury Case and went to bat for me right away. He and his staff were very helpful during the litigation of my case. He sent me to a Doctor who would listen to my complaints. He did not rush to settle my case and I was glad he didn’t, because I ended up with injuries that were not known at first. I would recommend Brad if you are looking for a good attorney. He was easy to talk to and made sure I understood the legalities of my case. He settled my case in a reasonable amount of time.


Gracias por su excelente trabajo. Muy contenta con el máximo de dinero recuperado.Los mejores. Gracias.

Alicia Comas

Brad Salter and his team took charge of my auto accident case and handled it professionally from beginning to end. He made certain I was seeing highly qualified physicians, and advised me every step of the way. Although he was fully ready to go to trial on my behalf, his negotiating skills were effective in settling the case out of court. And, despite my having pre-existing injuries, he was successful at obtaining a very good (6-figure) settlement amount that exceeded what I had thought possible. I would highly recommend Brad Salter to anyone who wants to have a sharp, effective attorney on their side!


Brad Salter is the epitome of what you want in an attorney. He represented me in a personal injury case where I had sustained significant injuries and I had to sue my own insurance company. Brad and his assistant Daniella were with me every step of the journey; they explained things until I got them and were extremely patient. Brad understands how insurance companies work. We had to go to trial by jury and I cannot even describe the passion he showed in cross examining the witnesses. The outcome was more than successful and I would recommend Brad to anyone who has been injured. If he is on your side you have no worries!


Great staff and excellent trial attorneys.


Thank you Brad salter LeAnn and the whole team at salter team I highly recommend this law firm, treated me with the up most respect.

Dino Ricci

Mr. Healy and his staff worked so hard on my case and achieved an amazing result. The entire office was fantastic! Highly recommend them.

Karen Richner

I love this staff. They did miracles for me. They followed up with me constantly and they helped me get my life together. The paralegals are just wonderful. I would always recommend this office.

Didier Isaza

When you need a lawyer this is who you call these guys do not settle easily they are trial lawyers listen to what I’m saying they are trial lawyers they don’t settle 4 pennies they rather go to court and sue the hell out of whatever happened to you well worth seeing and visiting when you have an issue in life very dependable very courteous definitely recommend mr. Healy

Mozart lupe

I highly recommend the attorneys at Salter Healy. They are excellent trial attorneys and will stop at nothing less than the desired result for their clients.

Gordon Oldham

I have known and worked with Brad Salter since he was a sole proprietor just starting his practice. It has been my pleasure to watch his firm grow and grow. That growth comes as a result of one simple thing. He wins, and he wins Big! Several years ago when my daughter was involved in a car & bicycle accident, there was no question in my mind who to turn to for legal assistance.

Daniel McAllister

I must say based on my own experience with the firm. They’ve been a a true blessing to me. Daniela Rivera and LeeAnn Baker were fast and prompt helping Me every step of the way in not one but two accidents eventhough I was no longer a resident of the area. I still reached out and got service as if I were face to face. They got me the highest settlement possible on both cases. Although I dont wish to be in any more accidents I’ll call them back if I were a million miles away

Brian Moore