Commercial Vehicle Wrecks

Commercial Vehicle Wrecks

Commercial Vehicle WrecksCommercial vehicle wrecks are devastating, traumatic, and life-altering. We want to help you get through this. The injuries that result from these accidents can be severe, and it is important to protect your rights if you have been the unfortunate victim of a commercial vehicle crash. Here are a few things to know.

Commercial Vehicle Wrecks | How to Avoid Reduced Compensation

In Florida there are pure comparative negligence rules which allow for you to receive compensation even if you have shared fault. The only way you can get barred from compensation is if you share 100% of the fault. If you have 0-99% fault, you will have your award reduced by the amount of blame you share. For example, if you have been awarded $100,000 and you have been deemed 20% at fault, your award will be reduced to $80,000. Our job is to keep you from getting any of this shared fault so that you can get the most possible compensation.

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Statute of Limitations for an Injury Claim in Florida

You are allowed four years from the date of your truck accident to either bring your claim or to settle it in civil court. Four years seems like a long time, but with a personal injury case, those years can go by quickly. You do not want to delay in hiring an attorney. If you miss this four-year deadline, you will be completely barred from receiving any compensation. Even if you have maybe a week left of your statute of limitations, an attorney might not be able to help you. These cases take time to build into a strong claim. The sooner you get to an attorney, the better off you will be.

First Steps to Take After a Commercial Vehicle Wreck

The most important thing you can do is get immediate medical attention after the accident. Your injuries may be so severe that you are taken on an ambulance and immediately taken to the emergency room. You may want to visit an urgent care after the police come and take a report or you might call your primary doctor to set up an emergency visit. Whatever you do, don’t wait to seek medical attention and don’t avoid it either. You will only end up making your injuries worse. It will also prompt the liable party’s insurance company to try to throw out your case by saying your injuries were not either relevant to the case or that you are not injured to begin with.

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