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Car Accidents

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Posted By Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner | July 1 2019 | Car Accidents

Auto Accident Guide

Being in a car accident is downright awful. We want to express our sympathy if you have been hurt in a car accident. We understand that you’re probably feeling anxious and frustrated after your accident because of the injuries you have to deal with. You may have a lot of unexpected medical bills topped with…

Posted By Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner | October 11 2013 | Car Accidents

Florida’s Supreme Court Rules Against No-Fault Insurers

The Florida Supreme Court’s recent majority decision in Nunez v. Geico has dealt a blow to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurers, although the effect of the ruling has been blunted by changes to Florida’s no-fault PIP legislation. At issue was whether a PIP insurer may require a claimant to submit to an examination under oath (EUO). What is…

Posted By Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner | October 7 2013 | Car Accidents

What You Need To Know Before Going On Your No-Fault IME

If you are injured in a car accident, chances are you will be sent for at least one independent medical examination (IME) by your insurance company. The IME is a medical examination with a physician chosen by your no-fault carrier. Florida is a “no-fault” state, meaning your medical expenses and lost wages are paid by…

Posted By Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner | September 30 2013 | Car Accidents

The Dangers of Cars Being Struck by Commuter Trains

While the Florida high-speed rail project may have been canceled by Gov. Scott in 2011, commuter train service is still expanding in Florida. SunRail is a new commuter train service expected to start operating in the greater Orlando area by the spring of 2014. Tri-Rail has been operating commuter railway service in South Florida since 1989. As commuter…

Posted By Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner | September 27 2013 | Car Accidents

Choosing Your Doctor Following a Car Accident

An interesting lawsuit was filed in Florida federal court this summer. The State Farm insurance company sued Gary Kompothecras, the founder of 1-800-ASK-GARY, an accident-referral service. State Farm alleges that the service commits no-fault insurance fraud by referring people injured in a car accident to medical clinics owned by Kompothecras himself. State Farm is seeking a judgment…

Posted By Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner | September 16 2013 | Car Accidents

Who Is at Fault in a Left-Hand-Turn Accident?

In Florida, 714 traffic fatalities recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) were intersection-related accidents. These include accidents that occur when a vehicle attempts to make a left turn. What Rules Apply for Making Safe and Legal Left Turns? A left turn is an operation that carries a risk, since the turning vehicle crosses…

Posted By Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner | September 13 2013 | Car Accidents

Litigating Injuries Caused by Red-Light Runners in Florida

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics show that Florida saw 2,398 fatalities from motor vehicle accidents in 2011. Some of the most dangerous crashes included right-angle crashes resulting from red-light running. Over the course of the decade, this phenomenon has reached epidemic levels in Florida with 350 fatalities between 2007 and 2011, according to Marc Buoniconti, president…

Posted By Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner | September 2 2013 | Car Accidents

Trauma After a Car Accident

A car accident can be a traumatic event. Even when accident victims are not physically injured, they can suffer from symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for weeks, months and even years after the incident. PTSD is often not diagnosed by medical personnel at the scene or in the aftermath, leaving accident victims to suffer from…