4 Facts About Florida Personal Injury Compensation

4 Facts About Florida Personal Injury Compensation

4 Facts About Florida Personal Injury CompensationWere you or a loved one seriously injured in an accident in Florida? You may be eligible for compensation. Here are 4 facts about Florida personal injury compensation that will give you a better understanding of your situation.

You Can Receive Compensation Even if You Were At-Fault

Florida allows for you to receive compensation even if you are partially at fault for the accident. The way it works is that your role in the accident that caused your injury is deliberated and you are given a percentage from 0-100 that will account for your shared fault. If you are deemed 100% at fault, you will get no compensation. If you get 0% fault, you will receive full compensation. If you are somewhere in between, your award will be reduced. For example, if you have been deemed 20% at fault, and have been awarded $100,000 in damages, you will have it reduced to $80,000. We work very hard to keep you from getting pinned for any of the blame so that you get the fullest amount of compensation.

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Insurance Companies Will Use Bullying Tactics

We want to avoid you being blamed for this accident and a huge part to that is making sure the insurance company that represents the liable party does not speak to you without us present. They will call you shortly after you are injured to see if you will give them a recorded statement. While they claim for it to be helpful to you, it will only be detrimental to your case. We will take over this communication and make sure they cannot trick you into taking the blame for your injuries. You should never at any point take their call and make a statement without first speaking to your attorney.

You Have Four Years to File a Claim

Statutes of limitations is the amount of time in which you can wait before pursuing a personal injury attorney. In Florida, for most personal injury cases, you have four years from the date of your injury to either bring your claim or settle it in civil court. Personal injury cases such as medical malpractice will have a shorter statute of limitations. To be sure about your time limits, contact our knowledgeable Florida personal injury attorney as soon as possible to ensure you are on track to receive compensation.

You Must Seek Medical Attention Immediately

One of the most important things to remember about a personal injury case is that your health is more important than anything else. You have to get to a medical professional to seek out treatment as soon as possible. Your injuries could get worse if you ignore them. You also want documented proof that your injuries were from your accident to show to the insurance company that their insured is, in fact, liable for your injuries.

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