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Why a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer?

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The Supreme Court of Florida directed The Florida Bar to offer a Board Certification program for Florida Bar members. The program is designed to help the public make an informed decision when seeking and selecting a lawyer. To be certified, an attorney is required to have significant trial experience. Each certified lawyer must also have passed peer review by attorneys and judges who are familiar with them, and pass a written examination demonstrating knowledge, skills and proficiency in the field of civil trial law to justify the representation of special competence.

Less than 7% of all lawyers in Florida are Board Certified. A Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer is a specialist in Civil Trial Law. So the real question is why wouldn’t you hire a specialist to represent you on your civil case?

Brad Salter and Rob Healy are both board certified civil trial lawyers. They were both certified on their first examination and at the earliest date that they were first eligible. Brad Salter, when he became board certified, was the youngest board certified lawyer in the state of Florida. When Rob Healy became board certified three years later, he was younger than Brad was when Brad became board certified. Both attorneys are proud of the fact that they were certified as specialists in Civil Trial Law and recognized among the top 7% of the lawyers in the state so early in their careers.

Contact our firm and see the difference an attorney in the top 7% in the State of Florida can make for your personal injury claim.

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