Suing a Drunk Driver

Seeking compensation after being injured in a DUI accident? Watch this video to learn how our attorneys will help you with suing a drunk driver.

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Can I sue a drunk driver after being injured in a car accident?


We had somebody call us who was in a drunk driving accident. They were hit by a drunk driver and sustained serious injuries. Their question was, “Can I sue this drunk driver as a result of my injuries?” The answer is yes. Suing a Drunk Driver It’s a little bit different than your typical car accident case because you have someone who was intoxicated and got behind the wheel of a car and caused serious damage and injury. In a case like that, you can bring damages for injuries in the past and injuries that you’re going to suffer from for the rest of your life, and for how these injuries are going to affect you, but you also can make a claim against the drunk driver for punitive damages. Punitive damages are designed to punish the person for their conduct, separate and apart from what they’re going to suffer in the criminal justice system.

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