Steps in a Bicycle Accident Claim

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What are the steps in a bicycle accident claim?


Steps in a Bicycle Accident ClaimRecently, someone came into our office regarding a serious bicycle accident that they were in, and they wanted to know what the steps of their case would entail. First, we want to make sure that our client is receiving the treatment that they need. If they have not already received medical treatment, we can assist with that. Second, we want to gather evidence. If there are witnesses, we want to take those statements. If there are photographs of injuries, we want to make sure that we get those as quickly as possible. Sometimes evidence is lost and we want to make sure that that does not happen. Third, we want to contact the insurance company who ultimately will be liable. Part of our investigation is to find who is at fault for this accident and what insurance company is ultimately going to be responsible for our client’s damages.

Once our client has fully recovered from their injuries, we submit a demand to the insurance company. That’s when we submit medical records, medical bills, and evidence so that the insurance company can evaluate the case. Typically, the insurance company has 30 days to make an offer. Once we receive that initial offer, we will discuss that with our client and we would advise our client if the offer is fair or if it’s unreasonable. If an offer is fair, then we can begin negotiations. More often than not, the initial offers are unreasonable. If an offer is unreasonable and an insurance company is not fairly treating our client, then we need to file a lawsuit on behalf of our client.

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