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Factors that Determine Dog Bite Liability

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Posted By Salter Healy | October 28 2019 | Personal Injury

Factors that Determine Dog Bite LiabilityDog owners have a duty to control their pets. Therefore, when a dog attacks or bites someone else, the responsibility falls upon the owner. However, there are a few factors that determine dog bite liability that must be thoroughly examined before our lawyers can file a lawsuit on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and get the compensation you deserve.

Evidence in a Florida Dog Bite Case

In Florida, a dog owner is automatically responsible when their dog attacks someone. As such, they are held strictly liable for all damages. Some of the factors that further determine liability include the dog owner’s history with animals, the dog’s history, the care provided to the dog, the victim’s history with animals, and the circumstances surrounding this particular incident.

For example, if the dog owner has repeatedly abused and neglected their animal, causing it to become vicious, then they are responsible for any damages their dog causes. Furthermore, if the dog in question already had a known propensity for viciousness and is roaming free without a leash, then once again the liability falls upon the owner.

On the other hand, if the victim of the attack was found to have trespassed onto private property and then provoked the dog, they may not have a valid personal injury claim. It is important to discuss the facts of your case with your attorney in order for them to put you in the best possible place to recover maximum compensation.

Obtaining Compensation After a Dog Bite

We understand that you need money to pay for extensive medical bills resulting from the attack. Throughout your case, we leverage the evidence we collect and go to court, if necessary, to obtain results such as:

  • Coverage for medical costs. Dog bites can do some significant damage, especially if on the face. We secure coverage for your medical bills to relieve your financial strain.
  • Loss of wages. To compensate you for the time you miss from work, we seek damages to cover your lost wages and earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering. Dog bites can cause significant emotional trauma. We obtain damages to compensate you for your pain and suffering.

Contact our St. Petersburg dog bite attorneys today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your injury. If you cannot make it to our office, we will come to you. At Salter, Healy, Rivera, we give each case the personal attention and care it deserves and use our experience as personal injury trial lawyers to earn you the maximum compensation.

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