Common Mistakes After a Boating Accident

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What mistakes should I avoid when making a boating accident claim?


In talking to a new client about their boating accident, one of the questions they had was, “What are some of the mistakes that I can avoid in trying to prove my injuries in this case?” I went through some of the common mistakes. Common Mistakes After a Boating Accident One common mistake that people make is they don’t document what happened. It’s important in a boating accident, like any other accident, to get law enforcement involved and have them take a report and document what happened on the water. The next thing that people do is, frequently, they try to avoid going to the doctor, hoping that things are going to get better in a period of days or weeks. The problem with that thinking is that the insurance company is going to use that against you to try to argue that you weren’t seriously injured. It’s very important that you immediately seek medical care, once you’ve dealt with law enforcement and made sure everybody’s safe, and go to an emergency room, a walk-in clinic, or other appropriate medical professional, to treat and document the injuries that you sustained in your boating accident.

The next mistake that people commonly make is, once they’ve gotten that medical care, they call the insurance companies and give a recorded statement. It’s a huge mistake to call an insurance company before you hire an attorney because insurance professionals are highly trained to get information from you that will help minimize your claim, so that they pay less than what’s fair for the injuries that you sustained. It’s very important that you call an attorney first and let the attorney deal with those insurance professionals. Attorneys that handle personal injury cases in their practice know how to deal with these insurance professionals.

Don’t hire the wrong attorney. That’s a huge mistake. Make sure that the attorney you hire exclusively handles personal injury cases, has experience with boating accident cases, and is a board certified civil trial lawyer, according to the Florida Bar. If you find a board certified civil trial lawyer who handles personal injury cases, that person is among 1% of the attorneys in the state and is a specialist in civil trial law.

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