Common Mistakes After a Bicycle Accident

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What mistakes should I avoid when making a bicycle accident claim?


A gentleman who had been in a bicycle accident was seriously injured and very concerned about recovering for his bicycle accident injuries. He was concerned about whether he was making mistakes and what advice I could give him about avoiding mistakes in his bicycle accident case, so I told him a few things. Common Mistakes After a Bicycle Accident If you’re in a bicycle accident, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you call law enforcement and document the scene and what happened in the accident. The next thing you need to do, when you leave the scene of the accident, is get medical care immediately. That could be via ambulance, an emergency room, at a walk-in clinic, or other appropriate medical professional, but you can’t wait a period of days or weeks. You want to get immediate medical care, because that’s going to make a big difference in proving your case.

The other thing that you need to do is make sure that you do not call anyone at any insurance company, or speak with them if they call you. People often feel like that’s something they need to do. The insurance professionals are trained to ask questions in a way that will minimize your claim going forward. You need an attorney to handle those conversations for you, someone who understands what needs to be done and what information does and does not need to be provided to the insurance company at that time.

The last mistake people make when they have a bicycle accident injury is they might hire the wrong attorney do. You could somebody on TV, but those attorneys may not practice exclusively in personal injury or handle bicycle accidents. Furthermore, those attorneys may not be board certified civil trial attorneys with the Florida Bar. If you hire someone who’s not a board certified civil trial attorney, then you’re hiring someone who doesn’t have the additional qualifications that allow them to say they are a specialist in civil trial law and are in the top 1% of civil trial lawyers in the state.

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