Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney

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How do I choose the best attorney for my bicycle accident claim?


Choosing a Bicycle Accident AttorneyLast month, a gentleman came into our office who’d been seriously injured in a bicycle accident. Because his injuries were so serious, he was insistent on finding the best qualified attorney in the St. Petersburg area. The first thing I told that gentleman was he needed to find an attorney who handles only personal injury cases, and specifically bicycle accidents. There are a lot of attorneys out there that, if you walk into their office, they’ll be happy to take your case, but they handle all types of cases – from family law issues, to bankruptcies, to real estate – and they don’t have the experience to handle a bicycle case best or how to maximize a recovery based on your serious injury. The first step is hiring an attorney who only handles personal injury.

The second step is to find an attorney who is board certified in civil trial law. That’s a certification by the Florida Bar, and less than 1% of the attorneys in the state have obtained it. The only way to obtain it is to go to trial, and have judges and attorneys give reviews to the Florida Bar that the attorney has the expertise and skill to be called a specialist in civil trial law.

Not only do you want to find someone who’s board certified and only handles these types of cases, but you need to find somebody who regularly goes to trial. If you’re attorney doesn’t regularly go to trial, they’re going to be in a category of attorneys who are going to get lesser settlements, because every insurance company and every defense lawyer in the St. Petersburg and Tampa area knows which lawyers don’t go to trial, and which do. Trial lawyers end up getting better settlements.

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