Boating Accident Recorded Statement

In this video, our injury attorney discusses why you should never give a boating accident recording statement to an insurance company.

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Should I speak to an insurance company after a boating accident?


Boating Accident Recorded StatementJust the other day, I met with an individual who had been in a boating accident. In the days leading up to speaking with me, the client had been getting repeated calls from the insurance company asking to give a recorded statement. He was unsure of his rights as to whether or not he had to give that statement and was concerned that giving that statement may negatively affect his case. If he had given that statement, it would have because the insurance adjusters are trained to ask questions and elicit responses designed to eliminate or minimize any payment that they may ultimately have to make for your injuries.

Before giving any type of statement, or considering any type of statement, first talk to a competent attorney, specifically a board certified civil trial lawyer, with a history and track record of successfully pursuing boating accident claims.

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