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How much is my boating accident case worth?


A woman came in to talk with us about her jet ski and boating accident case. One of the questions she had was, “How do I determine the value of my boating accident case?” Boating Accident Claim Value We have to get a lot of information. It’s not an easy question to answer, but we’re experienced in arriving at a reasonable value.
The first part of it is what medical care you have obtained so far as a result of your boating accident. Did you go to the hospital? Have you obtained therapy? Do you need invasive care?
A lot of people in jet ski or boating accidents are seriously injured and have fractures, require surgeries, or continued care for the rest of their lives. We have to look at what the medical bills are so far and what those injuries are, we have to make sure that an appropriate medical professional has documented them via x-ray or MRI, and we have to work with that medical professional to determine, in the future, what types of medical care will be required because of this boating accident injury. That may include simple things like therapy, or it may require multiple surgeries over a period of years. We’d ask the medical professional to document that as well and provide the cost of that care, so we can present that claim and make sure that that future care is taken care of for you.

The other factor that we look at is if you’ve missed work because of your boating accident. Oftentimes, the answer to that question is yes, and we have to figure out what the total amount of those lost wages is and present that information. We also have to determine if there’s going to be a future loss of earning capacity. Is this accident going to keep you from working in the future like you had before this accident? It may be that you can’t work at all, and we’ll work with appropriate professionals and experts to document those claims.

The last part of evaluating the value of your boating accident case is how it has affected your life, and things that take pleasure in doing. Has this affected your relationship with your family? Those are what we call pain and suffering damages or loss of enjoyment of life damages. Those are very important damages, even though they don’t come with a medical bill or a specific dollar figure.

We go through all the information about that and make sure we understand the effects that this particular boating accident has on you and your family and tell you what we think is a reasonable value for your particular boating accident case.

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