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Bicycle Trailer or Child’s Seat?

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Posted By Salter Healy | September 11 2013 | Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Trailer or Child’s SeatFlorida is a great place to ride a bike, and many biking enthusiasts want to take their babies and toddlers along for the ride. Options for carrying and towing children have expanded over the years and now include many enjoyable and safe apparatus choices. Safety is always a concern for parents, so if you are heading out to one of Florida’s many bike paths or winding scenic highways, take precautions to keep your baby or toddler safe along the way.

Child Seat or Bike Trailer?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both styles of carrier. The traditional seat for a child on the back is more comfortable psychologically for the parent, as the child is within reach and can easily communicate with the rider. On the downside, the bike is highly unstable with the added weight of the child and can fall over, pivot or become unbalanced while at rest. If the bike is struck or falls over, the child is virtually without protection (aside from the helmet which, of course, the child should be wearing).

On the other hand, the trailer can feel very far away to a parent. The child is seated inside the trailer and balanced on a separate set of wheels. The child might be unable to communicate with the parent at such a distance. However, a trailer is highly stable and can tolerate swerving and bumping very well. If the bike falls, the trailer is usually unaffected. Some parents fear the trailer could swerve into traffic and be hit, but most cyclists report that cars tend to give a wider berth to a trailer than a bike with a baby seat.

In Case of an Accident

In either case, bicycles riding on roadways with cars are vulnerable. To avoid accident or injury follow all bicycle safety guidelines, including riding with the stream of traffic, riding a bike equipped with proper lighting and reflectors, and wearing the appropriate helmet.

If you are injured in a bicycle accident, please consult with our St. Petersburg bike accident attorneys. You might be eligible to obtain monetary compensation for your injuries, medical expenses and even the damage to your bike.

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