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How much is my wrongful death claim worth?


In speaking with a family that had a tragic death in the family and wanted to bring a wrongful death case, one of their questions was, “How do you value a wrongful death case?” It’s a very difficult question because it gets back to the question, how do you value the loss of human life? Wrongful Death Case Value That’s not easy, but it’s something that a qualified wrongful death attorney can help you and your family understand. The first part of it is economic. What was this person contributing to his or her family members through their work and their earnings? That’s a part of the claim, and we’ll look at that and be able to get the information, get the proof, and provide that to the insurance company. The truth is, in most wrongful death cases, the majority of the evaluation of what the case is worth is how the loss of this person has affected his or her family members. There is a claim for pain and suffering to the remaining survivors or family members of the person who is now deceased as a result of somebody else’s fault.

We’ll interview and speak with children, sisters, brothers, and parents to determine what this relationship was like. What was this person’s involvement? What we find with many of our clients is very close familial relationships. When determining the value of a wrongful death case, we get all of that information and we’re sure to provide that information to the insurance company and to the defense lawyers to make sure that we get a fair settlement for the wrongful death case.

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