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How much is my truck accident case worth?


Truck Accident Claim ValueWe had a truck accident client ask us, “How do I figure out what’s a fair settlement in my case?” We reviewed with him all the information that goes into determining a fair settlement value of his case, and those things are the same for everybody. The first is about the documented injury sustained in the truck accident. That information is obtained by medical professionals treating the person who’s injured by obtaining MRI and x-ray studies to document whether there’s fractures, herniated discs, tears in shoulders and/or knees, and whether surgery needs to take place. That leads into the second factor.

What was the cost of the medical care? Was it therapy? It may have been more invasive care, like injections or surgeries. Those things have to be taken into account and they’re very costly. The next question is, even if there’s been a successful surgery, what is this person going to have to deal with in the future? Doctors will be able to testify about that and explain what future medical care, future surgeries, cost of those things are going to be in the future.

Did this truck accident cause the person to lose time from work? That’s an important claim for those lost wages. It’s also important, if they will be missing work in the future, that those wages are compensated. The final piece, which is more difficult to put a dollar figure on, is how this injury affected this person in their personal life and their family life. It involves the loss of enjoyment of life and the inability to do things that you were able to do before the accident.

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