Steps in a Slip and Fall Claim

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What are the steps in a slip and fall claim?


Someone came into our office regarding a slip and fall accident that they had been involved in. They wanted to know what a slip and fall case entails. Steps in a Slip and Fall Claim First, we want to make sure that our clients receive the appropriate medical attention that they need. If they need to see an orthopedic specialist, we make sure that they get there. Second, we want to do our investigation. Are there pictures of the substance that cause the slip? If not, can we get out to the location and gather that evidence as quickly as possible? Then we determine who is going to be responsible for our client’s injuries. Once our client has recovered from their injuries and has gone through the medical treatment that they need to, we gather all medical records and medical bills and submit that to the insurance company in a demand. The insurance company will have 30 days to evaluate our client’s claim and, after those 30 days, they will submit an initial offer to our client. If that initial offer is reasonable, then we can begin the negotiation process. More often than not, the initial offer is not reasonable and we have to file a lawsuit against the appropriate entity.

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