Steps in a Car Accident Claim

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What are the steps in a car accident claim?


Recently, someone came into our office regarding an auto accident and wanted to know what all the steps of the case would entail. There are several different steps. Number one, Steps in a Car Accident Claim we want to make sure that our client is getting the proper treatment that they need, so we will assist with getting them to specialists or getting treatment for their injuries that they require. In the meantime, we are doing our investigation and finding out who the insurance companies are, what the witness statements are, and preserving evidence. It’s very important that all evidence is preserved as quickly as possible.
Once our client is done treating, then we do what’s called a demand to the insurance company. We gather all medical records, all medical bills, and evidence, and we present that to the insurance company. The insurance company then has 30 days to evaluate the claim and make an offer. Sometimes the offer is fair, othertimes the offer is not reasonable. If the insurance companies do not want to be reasonable with our clients, then we suggest filing a lawsuit on their behalf. A lot of times it takes filing a lawsuit to make these insurance companies present our clients with fair offers. Sometimes it’s necessary to go to trial.

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