Slip and Fall Settlement Timeline

Are you wondering how long your injury case will take to settle? Watch our attorney discuss the slip and fall settlement timeline in Florida.

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How long will my slip and fall case take?


I had a client call me recently about a very serious slip and fall. He had some very serious injuries as a result of it, and the question he had for me was, “How long is this process going to last for me?” Slip and Fall Settlement Timeline I told him there are different stages for these types of cases when you’re involved in a slip and fall. First, there’s a pre-suit time period where he would be getting medical treatment for the serious injuries that he had from that slip and fall accident. At the end of that time period, we would submit a demand to the insurance carriers responsible and, if they don’t do the right thing by offering a fair settlement, we would file a lawsuit. The suit period can be extensive. I told him that, if we have to file a lawsuit, we have to be patient. It can take some time. We’ll have depositions, paper discovery,, and a mediation that needs to occur. At a settlement conference, if the insurance company doesn’t do the right thing and resolve that slip and fall case, then we would seek a trial date and we would try the case.

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