Pre-Existing Injuries

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Will pre-existing injuries affect my personal injury claim?


Pre-Existing InjuriesUnder Florida law, an individual can make a claim for an aggravation of a preexisting condition. Understand that insurance companies assert that the condition preexisted the accident in defending every case there is, no matter how healthy the person was before their accident. In truth, having a preexisting condition often is an asset because it explains why the person sustained the degree of injury that they suffered in that case. Oftentimes, people with preexisting conditions suffer far worse or extensive injuries when they’re in accidents because of the preexisting condition.

We had a case tried recently, in which my client had significant preexisting conditions. The insurance company asserted that it was entirely preexisting, nothing was made worse as a result of the collision, and refused to offer that client even his past medical expenses. When we went to trial, the jury awarded all of his past medical expenses, all of his future medical expenses, and extensive pain and suffering damages.

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