Mistakes to Avoid After a Wrongful Death

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What mistakes should I avoid when making a wrongful death claim?


We spoke with a family that had a loved one who was tragically killed in an accident that wasn’t their fault. They had a lot of concerns, and we spent a lot of time with them going over everything they needed to know about making this claim on behalf of their loved one. Mistakes to Avoid After a Wrongful Death One of the questions they had was, “What mistakes should we avoid making in proceeding with this wrongful death claim?” There are a number of mistakes in a wrongful death claim. They can be very easy to avoid, but critically important to make sure that they are avoided.
It is very important that the cause of the accident and death are documented extensively. These are very important claims for every family member, whether it’s a car accident or a truck accident, or some other type of accident, it’s important that appropriate professionals are sent out to the scene to document evidence, document tire marks if that’s appropriate, take measurements, do interviews and determine what all the factors were that led to this accident and this death. That needs to take place immediately.

Most people, when faced with a death, don’t want to get an attorney involved for a period of time because they have a number of other things and family considerations that they have to deal with. The problem with that is, the scene where the accident and the death occurred is going to change immediately, so it’s critically important that someone go out there on your behalf, from an attorney’s office, and document all of those things immediately in order to prove your claim.

That leads me into the next thing that’s critically important to avoid in a wrongful death claim, and that is hiring the wrong attorney. If you hire the wrong attorney for your wrongful death claim, it’s going to be very difficult to prevail. You need to hire only an attorney who handles all personal injury cases, has experience with wrongful death cases, and is a trial attorney. If you hire somebody who has no experience with wrongful death cases, they’re not going to know the steps to take to maximize the claim for you and your family.

If you hire an attorney who doesn’t do trial work, the insurance companies and defense lawyers are going to know that that lawyer is not willing to take it all the way, and the offers and settlement possibilities are going to be very different, so make sure that you’re looking for an attorney that exclusively handles personal injury cases, wrongful death cases, and is a trial lawyer.

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