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Largo Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyers

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Ride-sharing apps have grown in popularity, with thousands of users statewide. However, Uber and Lyft drivers provide transportation services without having the same training as commercial drivers. If a negligent rideshare driver caused you or a loved one injury, the Largo Uber/Lyft accident lawyers at our firm could help.

Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner understands the application of the law, insurance policies, and liability. You should not be responsible for medical bills and lost wages that you did not cause. Get the answers you deserve during a Free Consultation by calling us at (727) 321-HELP.

We Help You Take Legal Action Against Negligent Parties

Uber and Lyft accidents can involve a wide range of circumstances. You could have been a third-party motorist, paying customer, or pedestrian. Regardless of your position at the time of the car accident, our Largo Uber/Lyft accident lawyers will investigate your case for signs of negligence while holding all liable parties accountable.

Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner will help you take legal action against:

  • Uber or Lyft
  • Rideshare driver
  • Third-party drivers
  • City of Largo
  • State of Florida
  • Other liable parties

Contact our Largo Uber/Lyft accident lawyers as soon as possible if you have legal questions. We can investigate your claim and determine if you have grounds to pursue negligent parties. If so, Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner will handle the negotiation from start to finish without any form of advance payment should you decide to hire our team.

Uber/Lyft Provides Coverage Where Applicable

Establishing fault might be difficult. On the one hand, if a third-party driver causes the collision, their insurer may be liable. On the other hand, if you were a passenger of a negligent Uber or Lyft driver, you file a claim against the rideshare insurance policy or through their motor vehicle insurance policy.

Determining liability for your injuries requires our Largo Uber/Lyft accident lawyers to consider the following:

  • Whether the driver was logged into the app
  • If you were being picked up as a customer
  • If you were a third-party vehicle
  • Other relevant details

Both Uber and Lyft use this information when providing insurance coverage to passengers and third-party motorists. In the event of an accident, both Uber and Lyft provide up to $1 million in coverage, but only when drivers have a passenger in the vehicle or are on their way to pick one up. If you are eligible for coverage, Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner will negotiate for medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering (if applicable), punitive damages (rare), and future losses.

Our Largo Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyers Can Help

We uphold the belief that no one should ever have to pay for losses they did not cause. Florida’s civil code protects this right.

The Largo Uber/Lyft accident lawyers at Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner offer personalized legal service and advice throughout the entire legal process, including:

  • Free consultations before hiring us
  • No upfront attorneys’ fees if you do
  • Investigatory and legal advice
  • Helping you weigh your options
  • Negotiating on your behalf
  • Not afraid of heading to civil trial

Connect with Us During a Free Consultation

Are you struggling to find answers after severe rideshare accident injuries caused by another party? If so, Salter, Healy, Rivera & Heptner is ready to offer legal advice. Call us to schedule your Free Consultation with our Largo Uber/Lyft accident lawyers at (727) 321-HELP or online.

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