Common Mistakes After a Slip and Fall Injury

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What mistakes should I avoid when making a slip and fall claim?


Common Mistakes After a Slip and Fall InjuryWe handle a lot of slip and fall cases at our law firm, and there are some common mistakes that people make that can be easily avoided. First, if you are in a slip and fall accident at a store, you need to make sure that you bring that accident to the attention of the store personnel and that you show them where it was you fell and the reason you did. Oftentimes, we have clients who are in a slip and fall injure themselves, and they’re quick to get up and leave the store. The problem with that is, it doesn’t document what happened and it makes it harder, as the case goes on, for us to prove the event. Be sure to let the store personnel know.

The second thing is, if you’re well enough to do so or you have friends or family with you, document the cause of the slip and fall by taking photographs at the scene. It’s important that we establish the reason for the fall. Oftentimes, the employees of the store are going to try to clean that up before any photographs can be taken, so we need to have that evidence.

Next, be sure that you don’t give a statement about fault to store personnel or their insurance companies before you hire an attorney. They may ask you questions that they then can use against you. If you have an attorney hired, they can navigate that part for you and make sure that you’re able to recover what’s fair in your case.

Last, make sure you hire an attorney who is qualified. Don’t hire an attorney who doesn’t handle personal injury cases regularly. Make sure that the attorney you hire is someone who’s highly qualified and has trial experience. The easiest way to do that is to make sure you hire a board-certified civil trial lawyer, like most of the attorneys at our firm.

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