Choosing a Wrongful Death Attorney

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How do I choose the right attorney for my wrongful death claim?


Choosing a Wrongful Death AttorneyTragically, we spoke with someone who had a family member who was killed because someone else was and they were very concerned about taking care of the family and the children. Their question was, “How do I find the best wrongful death attorney?” I told them a couple of things that I would look at when interviewing attorneys and determining if you want to hire them. Does this attorney handle all personal injury cases and, specifically, have experience with wrongful death cases? There are a lot of attorneys out there who handle all types of matters, from real estate, to family law, to contract disputes. Those attorneys might agree to take a wrongful death case if you walked into their office, but it doesn’t mean that they’re the best qualified. Frankly, even a personal injury attorney that doesn’t have wrongful death experience is probably not the person to hire for such a serious and important claim.

In addition to making sure that the attorney has wrongful death experience is to get a board certified civil trial lawyer. The Florida Bar certifies lawyers in the field of civil trial if they have been to trial a significant number of times, and had the approval of judges and other attorneys that have commented on their skill expertise. That puts those attorneys in the top 1% of all attorneys in the state for civil trial law and makes them specialists in civil trial law. If you’ve had a wrongful death claim with a family member, it just doesn’t make sense to hire an attorney who is not board certified when you can hire a board certified attorney.

The third question is, does this attorney that I’m speaking with go to trial on a regular basis? That’s important because the insurance companies know who goes to trial and who doesn’t. Their offers and the way that they litigate cases is different depending on if they know the lawyer on the other side is a serious trial lawyer. Serious trial lawyers are going to get better offers from insurance companies and, if the insurance company still won’t be fair, are going to be ready to handle your case all the way through trial to get a fair result.

When looking for a wrongful death attorney in Tampa or St. Petersburg, Florida, make sure that the attorney you’re talking to has handled wrongful death cases on a regular basis, only handles personal injury cases, is board certified in civil trial law and does go to trial like the attorneys at our firm.

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