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How do I choose the right attorney for my truck accident claim?


Choosing a Truck Accident AttorneyI spoke with somebody who was seriously injured in a semi-truck accident in Tampa Bay, Florida. In talking to him about the case, one of the first things they asked was, “With a serious injury like what I have, how do I find the best truck accident attorney?” There are a number of things to look at when hiring a truck accident attorney. The first thing to look at is if this attorney handles only personal injury cases and has significant experience with truck accident cases.
There are a number of attorneys out there who handle all types of matters, from bankruptcy, to divorces, to custody battles, to real estate, and they might handle a car accident case if you call them, but they don’t have the expertise to properly move a case forward if you’ve got a serious truck accident case.

The Florida Bar has a civil trial certification. That is only given to those who regularly go to trial in civil cases, and who judges and other attorneys agree are specialists in the field of civil trial law. When looking for a truck accident attorney, be sure that you’re only looking at civil trial board certified lawyers. That goes to the third most important point, which is you need a truck accident lawyer who is going to go to trial on a regular basis. That’s because the insurance companies, the truck companies, and those who handle those claims know who the attorneys are that go to trial.

The attorneys who don’t go to trial are going to get much lesser offers, and if the company forces them to go to trial, they’re not going to be capable of doing a good job. On the other hand, if you hire an attorney who is a regular trial attorney, and goes to trial on a regular basis, they’re going to get better offers on your claim. Make sure they’re board certified, make sure they go to trial, and make sure they regularly handle truck accident cases like our firm.

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