Car Accident Settlement Offers

Watch this video to learn why accepting car accident settlement offers from an insurance company will not result in maximum compensation.

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Should I accept the first settlement offer from an insurance company?


I had a client in a car accident case ask me, when we received our initial offer from the insurance company, “Should we take it?” I told him that he should not. The rule of thumb is that that initial offer is not going to be what the fair and reasonable value of the case is. Nine out of ten times, you’re not going to receive that on the first offer. Car Accident Settlement Offers The reason for that is you have to push the ball downfield through litigation, depositions, discovery, and potentially a trial. The insurance company needs to see that we’re prepared at every step of the process. If they see that, even if it’s on the courthouse steps, they’ll understand that they need to be fair and reasonable in the offer that they’re making and, nine out of ten times, that first offer is not close to what the last offer is.

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