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How much is my car accident case worth?


I spoke with someone who was seriously injured in a car accident and I took over their case for them to help them. Their question to me at the end of the interview was, “What’s the value of my case going to be?” Car Accident Claim Value What I explained is that I can’t tell you at the first day, because there’s just too much information we need to find out, but here are some things that we look at to think about while we handle your case. An important factor is if you sought immediate medical care. If you’re injured in a car accident, be sure to get to the doctor immediately, or at least as soon after the accident as you possibly can. The next thing to consider in determining what the value of your car accident case is the extent of your injuries. These have to be documented and determined by physicians, and they may have to do studies like MRIs, x-rays, and examinations to determine what the extent of the injury is.

The next thing to consider is the extent of the medical care that the person obtained for their injury. Obviously, as time goes on, this will develop itself, whether the person has to have therapy or they have to have more invasive care, like injections or surgeries. Whether the person missed work is an important factor. If someone misses work, they’re entitled to those lost wages in their car accident case. They’re also entitled to make a claim for future loss of earning capacity because they maybe can’t go back and do their job like they did before. Those are important claims, and we’re sure to document those claims with appropriate experts.

The other thing that has to be asked about is if the injuries are permanent, and if they are going to require care in the future. If they do, we need to have those expenses considered as well. We would always have the appropriate doctors and experts look at those things to make sure that we are proving those future damages. The last part of it is the effect on you from the car accident. How did it affect your enjoyment of life? How did it affect how you deal with your family? What is your pain and suffering? While it’s tough to put a dollar figure on those, they’re very important and are something that we consider.

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