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Were you seriously injured but are concerned about facing a judge and jury? Watch this video to learn how avoiding trial can hurt your settlement.

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Will I have to go trial for my personal injury case?


I recently had a client ask me, “Is my case going to go to trial, or can we avoid it?” I told her, like I’ve told a lot of clients, that there are many different factors that you have to look at to determine whether that’s going to happen or not. One of the main things is somewhat out of our hands, Avoiding Trial and that is what the insurance carrier is going to do to respond to the facts and the injuries that are involved in this case. Sometimes they do the right thing, but a lot of times, they don’t. If that happens, then sometimes you have to go to trial to hold their feet to the fire and get them to do the right thing, or have a jury do the right thing for them. That typically can happen, but a small amount of cases actually get to a trial.
The way that we avoid a trial is by being prepared. We’re thorough with our discovery, our depositions, and in the preparation that we have for not only the client but for any medical providers that are going to testify, and for any experts that we have to hire. They are all ready to go by the time we get to court, so that there’s no room for error.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in an accident and have questions about avoiding trial for a personal injury case?
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