Avoiding Trial for a Wrongful Death Claim

If you are filing a lawsuit, avoiding trial for a wrongful death claim could hurt your settlement. Call our office to find out our lawyers can help.

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Will my wrongful death case go to trial?


I had a client ask me on a very serious wrongful death case, “Are we going to have to go to trial on this case, or is there a way that we can avoid going to trial on this case?” Avoiding Trial for a Wrongful Death Claim I told him that, typically, we have to try wrongful death cases if the insurance company is not doing the right thing, not being reasonable in fairly evaluating the case, and offering an amount that they should. If that happens, then we will try that wrongful death case and we’ll ask a jury to do the right thing.
The way to avoid having to go to trial is by being thoroughly prepared through depositions and discovery that we’ll exchange with the other side. Also, any survivors of the person who was killed in that wrongful death case will be prepared and ready for any depositions or trial testimony that they have to present, including any cross examination that might be coming from the insurance company.

We’ll have medical providers, as well as any experts that are necessary for that wrongful death case. We will have them ready to go so that by the time we get to trial on that wrongful death case, the insurance company will see we’re ready and if they’re not going to do the right thing, then we’re going to ask a jury to do it for us.

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