2 Questions About Pedestrian Accidents

2 Questions About Pedestrian Accidents

2 Questions About Pedestrian AccidentsAfter being struck by a vehicle while walking down the street, you may have some serious injuries. It is only right that you are compensated for what you have suffered. Contact Salter, Healy, Rivera today to schedule a free consultation and have all your questions answered. Here are 2 questions about pedestrian accidents that we frequently receive from potential clients.

2 Questions About Pedestrian Accidents | Can I File a Claim Even Though My Medical Bills are Low?

I had a client come into our office who was involved in a pedestrian accident, and they were concerned that they weren’t able to make a claim because they had minimal medical bills. They wanted to know if there was a threshold or a certain amount of medical bills that was necessary to present a claim. It doesn’t matter what your medical bills are. The first questions that I always ask a potential client is, “Have you received all the treatment that you need? Do you still have any ongoing problems as a result of this accident that you were involved in?” If they still have ongoing problems, we want to make sure that they get to the appropriate specialist for additional treatment.

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2 Questions About Pedestrian Accidents | How Much is My Claim Worth?

While speaking with somebody who is a pedestrian and was hit by a car, one of the questions they had for me was, “How do I figure out the value of my case?” I explained to that person, what we have to do is look at the medical care and the medical records, and make sure that you’re being seen by highly qualified doctors and that you’re following those doctors’ advice. What we need to determine from the MRI studies, the x-rays, and the doctor’s opinions is what the extent of the injury is. Is this a fracture? Are there herniated discs? Are there tears in knees or shoulders? Are there other injuries, such as a head injury?

We will obtain the appropriate treatment records, see what the medical bills are, and ask these qualified physicians about what you will require going into the future for your injuries. We need to know, so that we can present it to the insurance company, if you will need more therapy in the future. Are these injuries permanent? Are they going to require invasive injections going forward? Are you going to need surgery? Those things can be put together by a qualified physician, and we can present that claim on your behalf.

The other thing we see in pedestrian accidents is that the injuries are very serious and the person misses work. If the person misses work, they’re going to be out-of-pocket immediately for their lost wages and we have to recover those wages for our clients. We’ll document those lost wages from the time of the accident, all the way forward to the settlement of the claim. Those are not the only lost wages that’s important. What is going to be missed in the future is critically important as well. If the injury that you sustained in your pedestrian accident means that you can’t go back to your job at all, we have to present that claim for future loss of earning capacity, and that’s something we do on a regular basis.

The other thing that we look at going forward is how this pedestrian accident has impacted your life. Is this something that is going to be with you the rest of your life? Is this a permanent injury? Are you going to have a loss of enjoyment of life? Are you going to have interactions with your friends and family that are different because of your injuries? Do you have pain and suffering? We have to look at those things because they’re very important damages, and those are damages we present to insurance companies, to defense lawyers, and to juries if we go to trial.

2 Questions About Pedestrian Accidents | Contact Our Office

Were you or a loved one struck by a vehicle while walking and have questions about pedestrian accidents? Contact our experienced St. Petersburg pedestrian accident attorneys at Salter, Healy, Rivera today for a free consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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