Serious Car Accident Injuries

Injuries in car accidents range from minor to severe, but no matter what injury you suffer, it is important to seek medical attention after your accident. At Salter, Healy, Rivera, our trial law experience gives you the edge you need to maximize your compensation for serious car accident injuries. Most importantly, we care about your well-being and want you to get the care you need. One way we can help is by informing you about the most common injuries that occur as the result of car accidents.

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Serious Car Accident InjuriesCommon Auto Accident Injuries

The following common ailments commonly result from car accidents:

  • Neck injuries. Whiplash is the neck injury most frequently suffered in car accidents, but even more serious neck injuries like disc injuries or cervical radiculopathy can also occur.
  • Severe head injuries. Concussions are among the most common car accident injuries and require immediate treatment. Traumatic brain injuries are particularly troublesome because many times there are no outward signs of trauma. But when the brain is severely bruised, a number of terrible consequences can arise.
  • Back injuries. Back injuries suffered in car accidents range from simple sprains or strains to disc injuries, lumbar problems or fractures. The most serious types of back injuries often do not show up until days or even weeks after an accident and can cause long-term health complications. It is important to seek immediate treatment after suffering a back injury to preserve your long-term health.
  • Burns. Serious car accidents can lead to severe burns, which require immediate medical attention. In some cases, skin grafts are necessary to prevent major disfigurement.
  • Lacerations. Lacerations can occur on any part of the body due to broken glass from windows or windshields, or from traumatic contact with any part of the car.
  • Psychological trauma. After suffering an accident, many victims come away emotionally distraught, which is completely understandable. Many patients undergo therapy to help them move on after an accident.

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We tell you about these injuries not to frighten you, but to prepare you. At Salter, Healy, Rivera, we care about providing our clients with the knowledge and counsel necessary to recover from their car accidents and to gain the compensation they need for their medical treatment. Our team of lawyers are passionate about trial law, and if necessary, we fight for you in the courtroom to secure significant damages. Call our office or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We will come to you.