Choosing a Slip and Fall Attorney

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How do I choose the right attorney for my slip and fall claim?


In speaking with somebody who was in a slip and fall accident in St. Petersburg, Florida, and ended up sustaining very serious injuries, the first question they had was, “How do I find the best slip and fall attorney for me?” Choosing a Slip and Fall Attorney The first thing to consider is if this attorney handles slip and fall cases. There are a lot of attorneys who handle all types of cases, from family law to bankruptcy cases, and there are’s a lot of lawyers who handle personal injury cases that don’t handle slip and fall cases. You need someone who specifically handles a high volume of slip and fall cases, like our firm does.
You can look at the Florida Bar to see which attorney has their certification for civil trial law, which means that those attorneys are specialists in that field. They can only become specialists in civil trial law by trying a certain number of cases in front of a jury and getting the approval of judges and other attorneys.

If you hire an attorney who doesn’t go to trial, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice because, all the defense lawyers know who the lawyers are that go to trial, and they take those lawyers more seriously because they know if they lowball those attorneys, those attorneys are going to go to trial and push the case as far as they need to, to make sure that their client gets something that’s fair.

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