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How much is my bicycle accident case worth?


Bicycle Accident Claim ValueWe met with someone who was in a serious bicycle accident. They were struck by a car and one of the questions they had was, “How do I determine the value of my case?” This is difficult to answer at the beginning of the case, but there are factors that we’ll be looking at to make sure we prove your case and help you understand what the value of your bicycle accident case is.
The first is the medical care that you obtained. What types of doctors did you go to? What was the cost of that care? What injuries did those doctors determine you had? We’ll make sure that you go to an appropriate medical professional who will take MRIs, x-rays, and provide treatment that will help you to get better. Also, we’ll document those injuries so we can provide that information to the insurance company and the defense lawyers. We’ll obtain the medical bills, so that we know what the cost of that care was, to make sure that those medical bills are taken care of.

We’ll also work with the medical professionals to determine what you will need in the future for your medical care. Will you need to get more therapy? Will you be seeing the doctor the rest of your life because of these injuries? Are you going to need surgery in the future? Will you need multiple surgeries? Those are important questions, and we need to know from the doctors the value of those things so we can present those damages on your behalf.

A client of ours who was hit on a bike missed significant periods of work because of serious injuries in the bicycle accident. If you’ve missed work, we have to document those lost wages. We have to make sure that we recover those lost wages on your behalf and if you’re going to miss work, or lose your job, that we can make that claim for you and present it to the insurance company or to a jury if need be.

Finally, we look at how this accident has affected interactions with family, and the activities that you like to do together. That’s an important damage, although difficult to value, because it’s the loss of enjoyment of life.

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