After a Pedestrian Accident

Are you wondering what steps you need to take after a pedestrian accident to maximize your compensation? Watch this video to learn more.

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What should I do after being injured in a pedestrian accident?


I was talking to an individual who was struck by a car. They did everything right. It’s important in your case that if you are a pedestrian struck by a car, to do things right, too. After a Pedestrian Accident The first thing that you should do is contact law enforcement. Make sure law enforcement gets there to document the accident, document any evidence, and assess fault. The next thing that you should do is get the names and contact information of any independent third-party witnesses. In pedestrian accident cases, liability is often disputed with drivers claiming that the pedestrian just jumped out in front of them, and they had no opportunity to avoid it. We know that’s not true, but oftentimes it is the testimony of independent third-parties who make the difference in proving that the fault was on the driver of the vehicle.
The next thing that you should do, if you’ve been injured as a pedestrian, is document any physical injuries that you sustained. Oftentimes, people who are pedestrians struck by vehicles have bruising, abrasions, road rash, things like that, and it’s important that those injuries be documented to help prove your damages case.

The next thing that you should do is seek medical care as soon as possible. Don’t try to tough it out. Don’t try to hope it just goes away, because oftentimes it doesn’t, and what happens is the insurance companies use those gaps in treatment against you to try to claim that your injury is from something other than your pedestrian accident.

The next thing that you should do is hire a competent attorney to assist you with the situation. Oftentimes, people call insurance companies first, and that’s the wrong thing to do. The reason that that’s the wrong thing to do is because insurance company adjusters are trained to ask you questions designed to minimize any payout that they may ultimately make for your injuries.

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